Douglas Bushong

Douglas Bushong
Project Management and Instructional Design Professional
  • I lead project teams of subject matter experts, trainers, and instructional designers to develop training programs.
  • I design course materials, lesson plans and media templates to meet my customer’s training and education needs.
  • I learn my customer’s processes and procedures, and I shape lessons that explain complex concepts in simple terms.
  • I use simulations and other interactive media to make engaging, authentic learning experiences.
Professional Experience
LMS Portfolio Manager
UW Medicine

Manage the portfolio of on-boarding and training projects for the learning management team. Lead team meetings for project updates, planning sessions and work coordination. Directly manage training projects that span across multiple medical centers. Partner with business owners to ensure projects are completed on time. Gather requirements for training projects. Develop the monthly executive report and resource projections for the LMS team. Developed templates for LMS analysts and customers to use for tracking repeating projects.

  • Managed the delivery of Safeguarding Confidential Information (SCI) and CMS training to an audience of over 30,000 learners. This is the largest scope of any training program delivered through the UW Medicine LMS.
  • Managed the development and delivery of the Annual Refresher Training in 2017. This project required coordination between my team, 12 SMEs and over 40 stakeholders across the enterprise.
  • Developed an on-the-job training qualification guide for domain administrators. This tool allowed the LMS analysts to assess the level of knowledge for basic and advanced domain administrators.
  • Created a lessons learned log based on 5 years of project history and postmortem review sessions. This log is used at the start of each project to identify applicable project risks and appropriate mitigation techniques.
  • Completed my PMP Certification.
Instructional Designer
University of Washington

Developed training for the new HR/Payroll system (Workday) for over 40,000 employees across the University of Washington. This project involved replacing multiple dis-joined systems with a modern, integrated HR and payroll system. Designed and developed instructor-led and computer-based training. gathered training requirements and assessed learning needs based on functional specifications and business process reviews.

  • Developed training videos on Workday’s compensation, payroll and position management processes. These videos included explanation of the processes and walk-through exercises.
  • Designed video templates and style guides for the training team based on guidelines set by the University of Washington, Workday, and general best-practices.
  • Developed the project plan template used by the change management team to track training and change management activities.
  • Created role mapping tools for the integrated change management (ICM) team, and delivered synchronous workshops to the readiness teams through Canvas.
  • Developed screen-captured training videos using Camtasia to demonstrate business processes.
Independent Artist and Animator

Produced 2D and 3D (stereoscopic) artwork for tabletop games. Provided custom commissions of science fiction/fantasy characters at gaming conventions. Produced a series of 3D rendered video game reviews, and a short series on budget gaming.

  • Created artwork for the Origins Game Fair programs each year from 2012 to 2015.
  • Created six pieces for cards in the Shadowfist card game.
  • Received awards at the Origins Game Fair for digital artwork in 2011 and 2013.
  • Taught short courses on 3D animation and stereoscopy at the Origins Game Fair in 2013/2014.
Technical Trainer / Instructional Designer
NiSource, NIPSCO

Designed and taught courses on safety, plant science, troubleshooting, and root cause analysis (RCA). Led cross-functional project teams to design learning programs for field workers. Developed presentations, study guides, exams, videos, posters, and other learning materials. Performed RCAs for field injuries and vehicle incidents. Represented the company in the community by serving as a judge and mentor in the company-sponsored 4-H electrical program. Served on the company’s Inclusion and Diversity Team in 2010 and 2011.

  • Designed a training program on the request for clearance and hold card procedure for over 500 front line workers and supervisors in accordance with CFR 1910.269(m) and (d).
  • Recorded and edited videos to train personnel on utility work. These included fully animated, live-action, and screen captured videos. Topics included driving safety, pole-top rescue, workplace safety and system troubleshooting.
  • Developed a pre-job briefing and hazard assessment course for supervisors and front-line workers in accordance with CFR 1910.269(c). Worked with the union and management teams to develop a mutually agreeable approach to training. Personally delivered the course to over 1000 employees in 2013/2014.
  • Designed a root cause analysis course and delivered it to over 150 members of the management team in 2011. Provided one-on-one training to front-line leaders during RCA investigations in the field.
  • Taught 40-hour courses on electricity and instrumentation to electrical apprentices. Developed videos, simulations, exams, and printed course materials. Also, developed a metrics-driven continuous improvement process based on daily evaluations.
  • Overhauled the weekly safety call package for the field operations department. This included automating the data collection process, adding personal reflections from the call leader, and changing the layout to improve readability.
  • Received awards for service for contributions to the company’s Inclusions and Diversity initiative.
Automation Technician
NiSource, Columbia Gas Transmission

Planned control system upgrades with the project management and engineering teams.  Troubleshot and repaired control system failures at natural gas compressor stations. Programmed and updated programmable logic controller (PLC) code to ensure safe and continuous operations. Supervised contractors during control system installations. Provided training on work management (Maximo) and electrical safety during the monthly safety meetings.

  • Wrote a modular set of maintenance procedures for instrument calibration at the Chesapeake LNG plant, simplifying the processes and minimizing the impact of future procedural changes.
  • Installed and configured new HMI systems at four compressor stations.  The purpose of these systems was to replace the WYSE terminals with a system that ran off of the station’s PLCs.
  • Installed an in-house designed surge prevention system at two compressor stations using Bristol 3330 PLCs.
  • Performed acceptance testing on the $400,000 turbine control system at the Petersburg station.
  • Completed the ISA CCST Level 1 certification.
Electrical Instructor (Contract)
Decker College

Taught on-line electrical courses to adult learners. Facilitated over 200 students in the Electricity 101, 102, and 103 courses. Developed supplementary materials and guides for the electrical course. Provided subject matter expertise, technical assistance, and coaching to students in the electrical program. Delivered walk-through instruction to online students, many of whom had little or no prior technical experience.

  • Submitted weekly status reports to the director of distance learning.  Reviewed course material for accuracy, and provided recommendations for improvement.
  • Certified as a NCCER Core Curriculum and Electrical Instructor.
Field Service Technician
FuelCell Energy, Inc

Installed, maintained, and repaired 250KW Direct Fuel Cell (DFC) stack and support systems. Trained customers on fuel cell operations and maintenance. Completed factory acceptance testing for I&C systems. Provided online and phone support to technicians while working in the Global Technical Assistance Center (GTAC). Calibrated Agilent gas chromatographs. Wrote initial maintenance and operating procedures for fuel cell systems.

  • Recognized by my department as a gas chromatograph (GC) system expert. Created MS Excel workbooks that made for easy, automated data entry and analysis.
  • Trained Mercedes plant engineers to be first responders to fuel cell casualties. This included a general overview of the plant’s operation and hands-on training on stabilization following a shutdown.
  • Installed and commissioned the first Asian DFC at the Kirin Brewery in Toride (Japan). Worked with Marubeni contractors to complete operational acceptance testing.
Reactor Operator / Electronics Technician, 1st Class
US Navy, USS Carl Vinson

Operated the ship’s 550MW reactor during steady state and transient conditions. Calibrated and tested the plant’s instrumentation and control systems. Trained personnel in reactor plant theory, safety, procedures, and quality assurance. Performed reactor plant quality inspections and certified pressure test equipment for use in steam plant maintenance. Served as training petty officer for my division in 2001.

  • Qualified quality assurance inspector and Enlisted Surface Warfare Specialist. Earned the rank of E-6 in under 6 years.
  • Recognized by my division as the chemical injection system and reactor theory expert; delivered regular classroom training on these topics.
  • Earned the highest score for RC division on the 2001 ORSE examinations, and was personally recognized by the MTT in 2000 and 2001 for exceptional plant knowledge.
  • Received a commanding officer’s letter of commendation for plant documentation during the ship’s overhaul and for the conversion to an Excel-based material history program in 2000.
Volunteer Work
Turkey Tracks

Turkey Tracks is an event that provides young adults with mobility challenges the opportunity to experience the joy of turkey hunting.  More information about the organization can be found here:

Turkey Tracks  

In 2013 I worked with the organizers and guides to gather video footage of the hunts.  I produced a DVD from this footage for them to show at future events. In addition, I developed a WordPress-based website for the charity organizers that would allow them to update their site regularly from the user-friendly WordPress dashboard.

4-H Electrical Program

In the 4-H electrical program, 4-H members complete electrical projects including simple series/parallel circuits, shake-up lights, drop lights, and lamps. These projects provide the learners with the opportunity to learn about electricity and electrical safety.  In my capacity as an advisor, I worked with the learners in the months leading up to the fair to ensure they were prepared for the event.  During the week of the fair, I worked with the committee of volunteers to judge the projects, select projects for honors and awards, and determine which would go to the state fair.

Master of Educational Technology
GPA: 4.00
Boise State University

Accepted into Kappa Delta Pi

Master of Business Administration
GPA: 4.00
Arizona State University

Accepted into Beta Gamma Sigma

Bachelor of Science, Nuclear Engineering Technology
GPA: 3.83
Excelsior College

Awarded the Marvin Curling Memorial Award.

Associate in Applied Science, Technical Studies (Electromechanical)
GPA: 3.75
Excelsior College

Awarded the Leroy V. Good Memorial Award.

Skills and Competencies
Project Management
I have experience managing multiple projects, maintaining project plans, communicating with stakeholders and delivering results on-time.
Instructional Design
I have developed courses since 2009 using the ADDIE model.
Public Speaking / Presenting
I’ve spoken to large and small audiences. I’ve delivered instructor-led training in small classrooms, project proposals to executive teams, and presentations in large auditoriums.
Microsoft Office
I have a deep understanding of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, including the the use of macros, linking, pivot tables and animation.
Adobe Master Suite
I regularly use Photoshop, Audition, and Premiere. I also have experience using After Effects and Dreamweaver.
eLearning Development Software
I have experience developing computer-based training using the following software:-Lectora Inspire-Articulate Studio-iSpring-Camtasia Studio
Project Management Professional
Project Management Institute
NAUI Certified Diver – Advanced and Nitrox
NAUI Worldwide
Certified Control System Technician, Level 1
International Society of Automation