Art and Personal Portfolio

Published/Commissioned Artwork

Shadowfist Card Game – These images were used on cards in the Shadowfist card game.  For a few of them, the image was created as a personal project and later licensed for the game.  For others, the images were created based on the art director’s specifications.One of the benefits of my process is that it allows me to take an iterative approach to my designs.  I can set up the scene and render the image from multiple angles, and send them in.  Based on the art director’s feedback, I can take the scene of his/her choice and begin adjusting it to meet the needs of the project.  After several iterations we ultimately arrive at a robust, vetted product.
Origins Game Fair Program – I’ve participated in the art show at the Origins Game Fair since 2011, and I’ve completed commissions for the site book as part of the artist program since 2012.  Generally, I’ve signed up for a primary and a secondary piece, and on two occasions my secondary piece was used in the site book.
Character Commissions – At art shows and game conventions, I take requests for custom character commissions.  Rates vary, depending on the complexity of the character. This gallery shows examples of prior commissions.  Given my medium allows for rapid development, I try to deliver as much value as possible to my customers.  I deliver a 8×10 full color print, two PNG files with multiple poses, and a lenticular print.
Personal Projects – In addition to my commissioned artwork, I like to make my own artwork with my own themes.  This gallery includes a variety of personal art projects.